Service  and  Installation

CABD System

CABD (Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution) connects each flat into one Public Antenna System. Usually CABD installs on the roof of the building in order to prevent any signal blockage from nearby mountains and buildings. In some rural areas, it might require a signal amplifier to enlarge the weak signal to a normal level, and through a signal distributor device to dispatch the TV Signal.


By using CABD system, it enlarges the transmition signal, purifies the waves with better images and sounds. A good CABD System enables hundreds of flats to share the signal which greatly saves the energy and operating cost.

CABD Installation Theory:


(1) Locate the Antenna on the building's roof to receive digital TV signal

(2) Use Full Frequency Amplifier to enlarge the signal and cover the whole building

(3) Use Signal Distribution Device to transmit signal

(4) On your TV, select "trace signal" to view the live channel